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Let’s talk wine at The Lonely Vine.

I had enjoyed tasting and drinking wine for years.  I had my favorites and in general I stuck to them.  I didn’t really pay attention to what I was drinking other than to recognize if I thought it tasted good to me or not.  I could probably count on one hand the grape varieties that I would pick from a wine list and you could probably guess them in one try.  At some point though, I decided that I wanted to learn and experience more.  There had to be more out there besides Zin, Cab, and Sauv Blanc..right?  I started attending local tastings, reading wine blogs, became a wine library tv lurker, and even took some wine tasting classes.  Eventually I decided it was time to get serious about my wine education.  Since that point I have become a Certified Specialist of Wine through the Society of Wine Educators, and am now working to become a Certified Wine Educator.

I have a couple of reasons that I have this blog.  First, one of the things I am working on is my blind tasting abilities.  I think it will be entertaining and educational to look back on my progress (assuming I ever have any) in the blind tastings from epic failure to, hopefully, somewhat consistent success.  Second, I know there are a lot of people out there that want to learn about wine.  Now I am not too dumb, I know there are countless places out there where there is a wealth of more expert knowledge than I will ever be able to provide. But there will be people that enjoy the knowledge the way I present it, so this site will continue to be a place for those individuals and myself to share wine stories, tastings, knowledge, and maybe a glass or two every now and then.

Please take your time and wander the site, if you like it follow me on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to keep up with my shenanigans.  You will find videos, wine and wine accessory reviews, general knowledge writings, and even an empty store (for now).

Until next time, Cheers!